Googlewhack: The Search for 'The One'
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This distraction crossed my desk, so I coined a richly meaningful name: Googlewhacking.

Your goal: find that elusive query (two words - no quote marks) with a single, solitary result!

2002-01-08: See how the Googlewhack craze began, or record your own Whack...

2003-10-06: Thanks to Googlewhackers for discovering the GoogleNACK misbehavior...

2004-01-26: Starting on our second anniversary, we tracked Googlewhack in the news...

2005-02-25: The multifariou, mysteriou Crise in Suffixe Esslessness...

2002-02-05 Enron ran a real runaround.

The search for 'The One' may also describe activities at Enron - find "The One" person to blame for many misdeeds!  (Hmmm... would the scapegoat get an Enronwhack, or be an Enronwhack? :-)

Googlewhacking is about having fun with words and search, so political commentary can't be far behind! Here are a few recent pure whacks (exactly one result) along with our signature obvious question to enhance the pleasure. Thanks to every hack, who contributed a whack, so we could find the obvious FAQ. Enjoy!

2005-01-05 Please note: These whacks were compromised nearly three years ago! Constant changes to the web and to Google's index eventually compromise nearly every Googlewhack. These died a rapid death after reports by CNN, Reuters, BBC, and many other news sources. For fresh whacks, up-to-the-minute, see The Whack Stack. Enjoy!

Hack Whack FAQ
Steven Bliss ambidextrous scallywags What do you call Enron corporate officers who contributed money to Senators on both the left and the right?
Autumn Tyr-Salvia illuminatus ombudsman Who can you complain to about the worldwide coverup of the Enron conspiracy?
Joe Nilles squirreling dervishes How did an SEC spokesman privately describe Enron executives who had busily packed away their ill-gotten gains?
Aaron Kimball assonant octosyllable Enron ran a real runaround.
Enron ran a real raw end run.
No renowned nun ran near Enron.
...well, you get the picture.
Matthew Kerste fetishized armadillo What hangs over the mantle of the gold-plated fireplace at Enron's corporate retreat in Texas?
Doug Gray panfish interrogation What Congressional Task Force will, as one Senator put it, "scale, gut, and filet" Enron accountants during their formal testimony?
Karl Windle disenthralled nimrod How did Enron's press office describe an investment advisor who changed his recommendation from "Buy' to 'Sell'?
Emma Robertson anxiousness scheduler What special job title was reserved for the secretaries of Enron's corporate finance officers?
Manik Gupta bamboozle guzzler What was the most popular mixed drink at Enron's corporate Christmas parties?
John Birq megalomaniacal
After the party, how did the club bartenders describe Enron's top corporate officials?
Jeff Custer inculcating skullduggery What priority item led every agenda at Enron's Board meetings?
Chaim Schuss parochial noctambulist What 'previous occupation' should Enron's financial officers list on their next job application?
Richard Milne insolvent pachyderms Among all the negative fallout from the Enron scandal, what single thing does the Texas Republican Party fear most?
Roy Whiddon demurrable insufficiencies "Plausible denial" hints of espionage, so what other term will Enron officials use to downplay creative accounting during their criminal trials?
Jon del Castillo unmerciless politician How does Enron describe public officials who've asked that Enron employees be reimbursed for lost investments?
Craig Tucker despotism fluidics What science describes Enron exerting pressure across a huge, immoral brotherhood to produce desired effects with no obvious cause?
Glenn Hall antiestablishmentarianism
Among the many unpleasant names Enron pensioners may call an Enron executive, which epithet contains the longest word?
Doc Disk flibbertigibbet boogers Among the many unpleasant names Enron pensioners may call an Enron executive, which epithet is the most kind?
Whack, not Wack!

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